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New Services

  • Trending of data to ensure controls adequate

  • Review of workplace hazards and Industrial Hygiene Results to ensure:

  •  Health surveillance is appropriate

  •  Hierarchy of controls is adequate

  • Advice on implementation of Programmes to ensure every new hazard/chemical is first assessed in Occupational Health

  • Advise on Health & Safety Communications about Hazard Health Risks

  • Pre-Placement medicals and Base line Health Surveillance

  • Health Declarations

  • Provision of a Functional Job Analysis

  • Advise on employees with Disabilities

  • Absence Management:

    - Recurring short term absence
    - Medium Absence (between 2-4 weeks)
    - Long term Absence (> 4 weeks)

  • Ill Health Retirement

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Line Management training to deal effectively with short term absence and conflict.

  • Resilience training to Managers to help them deal more effectively with work/life demands.

Additional Services

SomarMed in addition to the Provision of Healthy Workforce initiatives also provides:

  • Consultancy advise/Return to Work Programmes for colleagues who have been unfortunate enough to have become ill or injured resulting in the speedier return of that colleague to normal function and work

  • Provision of a second medical opinion on a colleague’s ability to Return to Work by our leading Occupational Health Specialist Dr. Shane Farrelly MFOM

  • Audit/Support of your Health & Safety Programmes to ensure compliance and ROI

  • Support to your in-house occupational health Department to ensure agreed Key Performance Indicators are met to ensure

  • Maintenance of a Healthy Workforce

  • Review ROI on Health Promotion Programmes through liaison with your insurance broker on your behalf.

  • Root cause analysis of all occupational illnesses/injuries
  • Implementation of Programmes to prevent occupational illnesses/injuries

Provision of Protocols including;

  • Pregnancy Risk Assessments, including protocols for working with potential reproductive toxins.

  • Accident Investigation

  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • Hearing Conservation Programs

  • Hand/Arm Vibration Program

  • Working with Chemicals Protocols

Bespoke Programmes based on Risk Assessment.

Reducing the cost of claims through:

  • Claim management Solutions
  • Root cause analysis of occupational illness/injuries claims preventing reoccurrence by implementation of Bespoke Occupational Health Programmes (

  • Health Surveillance Programmes
  • Maintaining a Healthy Workforce and significance of NIOSH Total Worker Health Initiative

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Consultancy Advice to Corporate/Company Human Resource Departments

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Provide a medical appeal process when there are differing medical opinions relating to Fitness for Work or Ill Health Retirement. This can be provided by:

  • A desk top review of the medical evidence and reports and job analysis

  • A face to face consultation with Dr. Farrelly MFOM in addition to review of the medical evidence.

  • Rehabilitation Programmes post illness/injury

  • Employee Assist Programmes (EAP)

  • Mental Wellness Programmes

  • Stress Management Programmes

  • Alcohol/Addiction Programmes
  • Bespoke Wellness Programmes depending on your organization’s needs.

Consultancy Advice to Corporate/Company Legal Departments

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Consultancy Advice to Corporate/Company Health & Safety Departments